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I thought the workshop was excellent!  It was a great way for people to feel they can open up and admit that it is OK to be stressed!   Tracy taught us how to manage stress and to pull together as a team.  I would recommend this workshop to any company who wants to look after their employees and get the best out of their team.

Carrie Tully

Choose from a wide variety of events, such as our high content webinars, workshops and master classes on making various herbal remedies or our very popular free herbie chats.

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High Content Webinars

WebinarA webinar is a training programme or seminar delivered to you in the comfort of your own how via the internet.




IMG_0392A Masterclass in Creams and Ointment Making

This took place in October 2013.  We made an Anti-inflammatory Joint Ointment and a Cooling Joint Cream.

Herbs That Can Help with IBS

Free High Content Webinar Date: Wednesday 23 April 2014 Time: 8pm Free High Content Webinar Ever wondered if you might have IBS?  Or perhaps your doctor has said that you do have Irritable Bowel Syndrome and you’re not sure what to do next.  The first step is to watch...

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April is IBS Awareness Month in the UK

and I want to give back!  So here's my commitment to you... I am going to share information on IBS every day for the whole of April. Why?     I Used to Have Irritable Bowel Syndrome I don't have it anymore. But I know what it's like to: sit in a meeting and plan an...

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Save The Date: Saturday 23 April 2013

Free Mini Herbal Consultation or Herbie Chat Do you have questions about your health or about Western Herbal Medicine? Drop by for a Free Mini Consultation or A General Herbie Chat with Medical Herbalist, Tracy Tutty       When: Saturday 23 April 2013   Time:...

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