What Foods to Avoid With IBS?

One of the most common questions I get asked is what foods to avoid with irritable bowel syndrome?

A survey conducted by IBSResearchUpdate suggested the Top Twenty IBS trigger foods were:

•    Spicy foods
•    Fried and fatty foods
•    Greens
•    Citrus fruit – such as oranges, lemons, grapefruit
•    Cheese
•    Onions and leeks
•    Cereals
•    Non citrus fruit
•    Chocolate
•    Bran
•    Pulses (beans, lentils etc)
•    Vegetables (non green)
•    Brown bread
•    Salad
•    Nuts
•    Sweets & desserts
•    Beef
•    White bread
•    Eggs
•    Dairy products

IBS Trigger Foods

In my experience, it’s such an individual thing.  You can’t definitively rely on a list.  But this list is a good place to start if you want to work out what is triggering your IBS symptoms.

The trick is to keep a track of everything you eat and any symptoms that you notice.  This allows you to look back and notice any emerging themes.  The next step is to test out those themes by eliminating that potential trigger food and noticing what happens.  To be doubly sure, you can add it in 3 weeks later and notice how your body responds to that food.  The most important thing, is to take it slowly and eliminate and then reintroduce one food at a time.

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