Given the relationship between stress and IBS, particularly constipation-predominant IBS; rose could be a helpful addition to your diet.  If you are ok with dairy products, try some plain greek yogurt with a teaspoon of rosewater and 1/4 teaspoon of ground green cardamon as a delicious treat.

Eastern medicine places great reverence on the capabilities of rose.  Both as a symbol of love and happiness, a tonic for a weary spirit and to get things moving down below.  In Eastern cultures, which include a lot of rose in their diets, it is known that including too many rose petals in your desert can lead to abdominal cramping and diarrhoea.  Conversely, research has found that the essential oil of Rose (Rosa damascena) can reduce bowel spasm.  It’s all about getting the dosage right.

Rose as a Laxative

The laxative effects of rose were reported in some rat-based research. The rats were fed rose petals and then watched.  They passed poo more often and their poo had more water in it.  Good news for constipated rats!

Rose for Emotional Support

A more traditional view of constipation refers to the similarity between holding back our emotions and holding back our digestion.  An interesting thought, given that rose is traditionally given in times of emotional upheaval, sadness and grief.

Here’s What the Rose Research is Currently Saying

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